I formed Ianglo-auto-association.com in 2009 because it disturbed me to see many Olim in Israel doing without personal transportation or if they had it, making due with older models that were not always so reliable, comfortable, or fuel efficient. I feel it’s important in acclimating to Israeli culture to get out and enjoy our surrounding’s, this is a much easier undertaking with reliable personal transportation. There is also the benefit it can have on the ability to earn an income, either by expanding your employment demographics, or making the commute shorter and less stressful.

Financial assistance for car ownership is very important. Cars in Israel are expensive due to high taxation and import costs. This asset is constantly depreciating, making sound financial planning a must.

I really want to share my knowledge of automobile financing and information of the local auto retail landscape with English speaking Israelis to assist in making life here even more enjoyable.

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